Ceremonies held across Southern California on anniversary of 9/11

SHERMAN OAKS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The anniversary of Sept. 11 was observed in ceremonies throughout Southern California, with moments of silence and musical tributes.

You heard sounds of bagpipes and sounds of silence during a sunrise ceremony in Burbank, commemorating 9/11.

"It just changed everybody's life, and I just thought I'd come here today and think about the folks that lost their lives," said Glen Anderson, a Sun Valley resident.

The somber gathering at the Burbank police and fire department headquarters featured musical tributes from the Los Angeles Police Emerald Society.

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The group's president, Michael Apodaca, said this is one of its most important events.

"A highlight and culmination of all the honors that need to be done for the people who either were there, or our police officers that are going out there every day, our firefighters that are out there every day," he said.

The short ceremony also featured remarks by the mayor of Burbank, Jess Talamantes.

"Despite the passing of years since Sept.11, it remains as important as ever that we continue to come together to remember and honor the victims and our shared history," he said.
Later in the morning, there was a huge showing of support in Long Beach, as police and fire personnel laid wreaths in remembrance before a moment of silence at 9:11 a.m.

"9/11 is an important day to celebrate the work of our police and firefighters, but most importantly, remember those that passed," said Robert Garcia, the mayor of Long Beach.

One of the center pieces of the Long Beach event was a beam from one of the twin towers, brought over specifically for the ceremony.

The distinctive sound of bagpipes playing "America the Beautiful" filled the Nixon Library Sunday afternoon. People gathered to remember the victims of 9/11 and recall where they were when they learned America was under attack.

Outside the library, 2,977 small flags stood in honor of each life taken on this day 15 years ago.

In Malibu was a similar but larger tribute at Pepperdine University. Visitors walked the rows of American flags, taking photos of the display and the tribute cars designed to honor the men and women killed on 9/11.

Socal resident Natalie Ricci said events like these are important for those who lived through 9/11, and also for future generations.

"We have to keep doing things like this," she said. "Tributes so they remember."
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