High-speed chase in Atwater Village turned out to be medical call, police say

ATWATER VILLAGE, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A man who was initially believed to be in a chase that ended at a home in Atwater Village on Thursday needed "medical help" and will not be charged with a crime, authorities said.

Shortly before 8:30 a.m., the driver of a pickup truck, Roberto Uribe, made his way from Pasadena to Glendale on the 134 Freeway before exiting onto surface streets in Eagle Rock.

California Highway Patrol officers followed Uribe into a residential area, where he stopped in what initially appeared to be the end of the chase. After a few moments, however, the driver sped away and the pursuit continued into Atwater Village.

The vehicle stopped again when the street was blocked by a civilian pickup, but the man eventually drove around the truck in an attempt to elude authorities.

In Atwater Village, Uribe abandoned his vehicle and fled on foot into a nearby home on Weldon Avenue. Police had guns drawn and it appeared to be a standoff.

Family members at the home decided to speak to Uribe, trying to calm him down. After about an hour, police came into contact with him and determined it was not a dangerous situation.

After further investigation, authorities said Uribe had initially called police himself, saying he needed "medical help," then things escalated into patrol vehicles following him.

After the family stepped in, police allowed them to take over the situation. Authorities determined no crime had occurred.

"At this time, our agency is not looking as if there is a crime that has occurred. We're only here to make sure that this individual is looked after and they're taken care of...," said Sgt. Jack Richter of the LAPD.

Uribe was not charged. His family said they plan to take him to a hospital to get medical attention.
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