Family of Compton man killed by suspected drunk driver outraged suspect is free

COMTPON, Calif. (KABC) -- The family members of a Compton man who was killed after being hit by a suspected drunk driver are outraged that the suspect is walking free.

Marvin Jones, 42, had been on life support since the accident on May 30, but lost his fight to survive Thursday. As his family plans his funeral, they are also fighting to find out why the suspect was released.

"They're dropping the ball too much. What are their protocols? What are their policies? We need to look into that. This is ridiculous," the victim's brother, Robert Jones, said.

The father of five was waiting for the bus near Wilmington Avenue and Greenleaf Drive in Compton when police said the suspect veered across all lanes, slamming into Jones and several parked cars.

The driver admitted to being under the influence, saying he drank a quart of Cognac, five to six beers and smoked pot before driving, according to the accident report. He was arrested at the scene, but later released because no charges were filed.

The family's attorney said neither the district attorney's office nor the Compton police appear to know what is going on in the case.

"It seems as though Marvin Jones' life didn't really matter to them. No one was paying attention," Arsineh Aghakhani said.

Jones' family said knowing the suspect remains free only adds to their pain and anguish.

"We ain't looking for revenge - we looking for justice," Jones' brother said.
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