Concealed weapons training surges following San Bernardino attack

CORONA, Calif. (KABC) -- With fear and tension on the rise since the San Bernardino terrorist attack, a local firearms instructor has been overwhelmed with requests for concealed weapons training.

Bill Murphy with Firearms Training Associates in Corona said conceal carry permits are in such high demand that more classes are going to have to be added in January.

While residents rush to get CCWs, Murphy, a certified firearms instructor for 20 years, has a message for those who haven't thought it all the way through.

"It's not for everyone to carry a gun," Murphy said. "Getting into a shooting is a big deal."

To obtain a CCW, you must prove you need it, get a rigorous background check and pass a 16-hour hands on course.

Even then, Murphy said it's still difficult to be prepared to protect yourself.

"We are not here on earth to use deadly force against other people. It's a behavior we have to learn," Murphy said.

Not everyone passes the CCW course, and Murphy said some people realize in the process it's not a responsibility they can bear.

One mistake could take the life of an innocent person.

Even if a mistake is not made, Murphy said critical lessons must be learned in how to exercise restraint.

"There is no glamour in shooting someone, there is more glamour in not shooting someone," Murphy said.
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