Residents in Corona neighborhood suing for damage allegedly caused by 91 Fwy construction

CORONA, Calif. (KABC) -- Residents are moving forward with a lawsuit in Corona, claiming the new expansion of the 91 Freeway is damaging their homes.

Warren Stockwell said cracks on the front driveway, along the stucco and on his ceiling are damages caused by the recent construction. The freeway is less than 100 feet away from some of the homes on Pennyroyal Drive.

"It seemed like the back of the house got picked up about an inch and dropped," Stockwell said.

Diana Sanchez said her home is damaged, too. She said there's cracks on the walls and floors.

Residents said a sound they recorded is coming from a piece of construction equipment called a pile driver. They said the pile driving was non-stop for months.

"You couldn't escape the noise," Sanchez said. "I had things on the wall that were rattling. I had a dish in the sink with water. It looked like 'Jurassic Park.'"

But it's not just the damage and the noise, residents also said it's ruined their view.

A group of 16 homeowners in the neighborhood are suing the construction company and the Riverside County Transportation Commission, which was in charge of the project.

A spokesperson for RCTC said they could not comment because of pending litigation. Until then, homeowners said they've been told not to fix anything until it's all sorted out.

"We need a settlement. It's not our fault that this happened," Stockwell said.
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