Couples say wedding plans ruined by Lytle Creek venue

LYTLE CREEK, Calif (KABC) -- It is a bride-to-be's worst nightmare. A venue in Lytle Creek has been accused of ripping off several couples who have already paid thousands of dollars for their weddings.

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The couples met up for the first time recently as they filed complaints about Green Mountain Ranch with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department.

The owner, they said, has not been paying vendors - meaning linens and other supplies needed for the big day aren't coming through. Other problems have materialized and they fear their weddings will be canceled and they will lose the thousands of dollars they've already spent on what's supposed to be the happiest day of their new lives.

Coleen Coley is supposed to get married on Sept. 4. She's already out $17,000.

"He ruined pretty much my whole experience as a bride," she said.

Attempts by Eyewitness News to contact the owner of Green Mountain Ranch by phone, email and in person were unsuccessful. The gate is locked at the facility and a sign says keep out. The website says Green Mountain Ranch is under new management.

So for now, many couples' wedding plans are up in the air.

"A little girl waits for her wedding day her whole life, and this guy just comes and ruins it all," said Ashley Hamel of Apple Valley.
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