Drone spotted by pilot flying into LAX

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A drone was spotted too close to a plane flying into Los Angeles International airport Wednesday afternoon.

A pilot reported the drone shortly after 5 p.m. when Southwest Airlines Flight 2752 was arriving from Austin, Texas.

The air traffic controller alerted other incoming aircraft and deputies.

This incident happened just hours after the Los Angeles City Council passed a new ordinance that makes it a misdemeanor to fly drones within a 5-mile radius of an airport.The ordinance also requires the operator to fly a drone under 400 feet, where it is visible.

Passengers were relieved to hear about the immediate response from authorities.

"It's just for the safety of the passengers and the airlines themselves, you know?" said Sherry Hoffman, a passenger at the airport.

Authorities were unable to locate the drone or its operator.

LAX isn't the only major airport to have a close call with a drone. In August, three planes landing at JFK in New York City came within feet of drones.
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