Erin Brockovich meets with residents about Porter Ranch gas leak

PORTER RANCH, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Environmental activist Erin Brockovich addressed more than 2,000 residents concerned about the natural gas leak in Porter Ranch.

Brockovich is working with attorneys from the law firm that represented victims of the BP oil spill. They gave some legal advice: Keep a journal of what you smell. If you feel sick, jot down the symptoms. Keep medical and vet bills, and don't sign anything without talking to an attorney.

"This is going on day after day after day, seven days a week, 24 hours a day," Brockovich said.

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The gas company says to stop the leak, it needs to drill a relief well to stop the flow of gas from the Aliso Canyon storage facility, and then cement it shut. That may take three to four months.

Company officials say the levels of methane, hydro-carbon compounds and sulphur compounds in the air are being tested twice a day at 20 sites.

"Those concentrations have always been below the screening threshold set by air quality agencies, Cal EPA and in some cases, scientific literature," said Gillian Wright of SoCal Gas.

But many residents say the fumes have triggered nosebleeds, nausea and headaches. Demetrius Crump says he's fighting stage 4 cancer, and his neuropathy has worsened.

"My feet are even worse. I can't even feel my feet, they're numb," Crump said. "If I'm outside, my central nerve system lets me know it's in the air."

The gas company has relocated 1,143 families away from Porter Ranch and is working to place another 1,369 while the leak persists.

Instead of going to school in Porter Ranch, some parents are homeschooling their kids until they feel it's safe to return.
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