Fox attacks Connecticut 2nd grader, teacher during gym class

EAST WINDSOR, Conn. (KABC) -- Animal Control officials in Connecticut are testing a fox for rabies after it attacked a young boy and several other people at a school.

East Windsor residents say the attacks started around 8 a.m. Monday. Several people in the neighborhood were bitten before the fox got onto the grounds of nearby Broad Brook Elementary School.

That's when it bit a second-grade boy during an outdoor gym class and the boy's gym teacher, Elissa Daniele, who ran to his aide and ripped the animal off him.

Daniele saw the attack and wrestled the fox off the boy, holding it down until other staff members could place it in a storage container.

"It was trying to gnaw at his wrists and ankles," Daniele told ABC News. "I knew I had to pin the fox down to get it away from my student to keep my student safe."

Another staffer was also bitten. Animal Control was called and was able to get the fox off school grounds.

Everyone who was bitten was treated and released from the hospital.

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