Organized crime investigation leads to gun seizure at Texas bingo hall

HOUSTON -- Sheriff's deputies raided a bingo parlor in Houston on Wednesday, seizing what appeared to be many rifles, guns, ammunition and body armor, and then declaring the property closed and seized.

The Harris County District Attorney's office said the seizure was part of a larger investigation into organized crime. They hope to release more information by the end of the week.

The unusual scene took place at Bingo Paradise at 1504 College Ave. in the city of South Houston.

Exclusive video from KTRK shows law enforcement agents taking away evidence and loading it up into a box truck.

Two women were also hauled away in handcuffs.

Michael Terry showed up at the scene. He said his wife is a manager at the bingo hall and he provides janitorial services there. He did not know where she was.

"I'm upset. I want to know where my wife is," said Terry. "I got a knock on the door at 7:30 this morning. My 13-year-old son said, 'Hey. It's the police.' They told her, 'Do you know you have a warrant out for you?'"

He added that when he has cleaned the business he never saw any weapons accessible to anyone who might be playing bingo and that as far as he knows, the weapons were part of the private collection of the owner.
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