Jefferson High students walk out in protest of education quality

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Monday, August 25, 2014
Jefferson High students walk out in protest
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Hundreds of students demanding a better education at Jefferson High School walked out of class on Monday in protest.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Students at Thomas Jefferson High School walked out of classes Monday because, they say, they're not getting the basic education they need. Hundreds of students are demanding a better education. They say in some cases they can't even get the classes they need just to graduate.

"Up to now, we don't even have the right classes," said senior Jade Garcia. "For example, there are juniors who are taking senior classes and there are seniors taking junior classes. They have everything mixed around and we are tired of it."

Students say since school started about two weeks ago, they haven't been getting the classes they need to graduate, and they blame overcrowding and a lack of teachers.

"We are tired of going in to our classes and not learning. Anything it's been the third week already," said Garcia.

"I am taking some (classes needed for graduation), but there are some I don't have that I need," said senior Ludin Lopez.

School district officials say they have made corrections to the main class schedule, issuing a statement:

"We absolutely agree that Jefferson Senior High School students deserve a quality education, which is why we have made extra investments to hire more teachers, counselors and other staff to support students to graduate." -- Dr. Tommy Chang, LAUSD.

"This system is messed up. I need AP classes. They took me out of Avid and everything, and I don't know if I am going to have all my credits by the time I graduate," said junior, Vjonae Richardson.

"Hopefully they'll listen to us and make the change," said freshman Bryan Rodriguez.

"At least listen to us. They think because of the area we come from, that people won't have support for us," said senior Tyarei White.

"I am sad because look at the students -- they don't have classes and they're in the street," said one parent.