Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey walks out of heated town hall meeting

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey tried to hold a town hall meeting, but things got so heated, she ended up walking out.

Lacey thought the meeting could offer a chance to explain how her office operates and also explain the law, especially as it pertains to officer-involved shootings.

"I think that the district attorney's office and the role is misunderstood," Lacey said at the meeting, to which community members in the crowd yelled back, "No it's not."

Lacey attempted to explain herself, but the crowd yelled over her. Community members from various groups and people whose loved ones were shot and killed by police voiced their anger and frustration at Lacey.

One person asked, "How long are you going to let these rogue officers keep killing our kids?"

"You are an elected official. You serve the people who elected you," yelled another woman, holding up a sign.

Eventually, some people in the audience were able to address Lacey with their concerns.

"When this city burns, it will be your fault," said one audience member. After that comment, Lacey walked out.

The district attorney told Eyewitness News that people were exercising their First Amendment rights, but she wasn't able to have a dialogue.

"Sometimes there's confusion between our jurisdiction and other jurisdictions," Lacey said. "For instance in Baltimore, you can file a case based on probable cause, but in our jurisdiction, it's got to be you can prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt."

Although she did very little speaking at the meeting, Lacey says she was listening.

"All loss of life is painful, and I want them to know that while they may disagree with me, I'm a DA who care."
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