La Crescenta bear becoming more bold, dangerous, officials warn

LA CRESCENTA, Calif. (KABC) -- A bear nicknamed "Blondie" is becoming a bit too comfortable with its surroundings in a La Crescenta neighborhood, officials warned.

The theory is that Blondie is hungry, and with no food available south of Foothill Boulevard, the bear has become more bold and dangerous.

Home footage shot by Steve and Christy Lipscomb showed the couple trying to shoo the bear away outside their La Crescenta home from the safety of their house.

The bear suddenly lunged at the couple.

"It was a just a quick split second of adrenaline rush," Steve Lipscomb said. "I closed the door real quick. It was scary for a second."

"I threw the phone down to go throw the door close," Christy Lipscomb said. "I was a little nervous for him."

The Lipscombs said the same bear ran their son off their backyard swing and forced him to take cover inside.

According to the Lipscombs, the bear has been spotted at least six times in the neighborhood in the last two months.

Blondie has caused damage while searching for food, including breaking sprinkler heads and knocking over trash cans in the neighborhood.

"With kids being outside in this community, it's getting scary," Steve Lipscomb said. "I think the bear is getting more aggressive."

Police and the game warden have been out to try to tranquilize Blondie, but the bear has been difficult to track down.

"The problem is they have a really hard time getting the truck, getting the cage and getting the personnel out here so they can dart the bear, get it into the cage and transport it back," Steve Lipscomb explained.

With Blondie still on the loose, the Lipscombs are hoping for some type of resolution soon.

"I hope the bear is finally tranquilized and taken to a place where it can live and not get around the neighborhood and terrorize the neighborhood because there are a lot of people who are concerned," Steve Lipscomb said.
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