LAPD unveils pursuit-rated Ford Fusion patrol car

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The Los Angeles Police Department's fleet of patrol cars is getting more environmentally friendly.

Two new Ford Fusion police responders were revealed at LAPD headquarters Monday. The hybrids underwent numerous modifications and were designed to withstand high-speed pursuits.

"The brakes are different in the vehicle to achieve the braking requirements," explained Kevin Koswick with the Ford Motor Company. "We have to have different cooling in the vehicle to keep the vehicle to perform in those extended pursuit-rated situations."

Ford said it received input from police agencies to outfit the vehicles for reliability and safety.

The cars get up to 38 miles to the gallon and as hybrids, the gasoline engines can shut down when the vehicle does not need much energy.

"Cars that are in service all the time spend an incredible amount of time idling and you know that idling is really (an) ineffective use of gasoline," LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said. "It's hard on the car and it's hard on the environment and so with a hybrid, you take away the issues with idling."

The vehicles are still undergoing testing by the LAPD. Beck said if they pass the test and the LAPD decides to buy the vehicles, they could receive about 500 new patrol cars in the next four to five years.
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