LAPD urge safety when recording videos in tense situations such as dog attacks, fights

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- As more people capture fights, road rage incidents or dog attacks on video, Los Angeles police understand the need for the added evidence but want people to also be mindful of the situation.

One of the latest incidents happened Wednesday in downtown L.A., when three pit bulls attacked a man and people recorded the scene. Police used batons, but when that didn't work, they shot the dogs.

Two of the dogs were killed and another one was wounded. The victim suffered multiple dog bites and his small pet was killed in the attack.

Authorities urge people who witness a dog attack or another dangerous situation to call 911 with your cellphone first.

"Sometimes what we see is a lot of video cameras and maybe someone is assuming someone else has already called the police - that's dangerous. It's dangerous for everyone involved and it's dangerous for us as a community," Detective Meghan Aguilar said.

Videos shared on social media end up on the news at times or go viral. People who spoke with Eyewitness News said they would not record a fight or attack.

Aguilar said people should not try to intervene during a tense situation such as a dog attack because you could get hurt. Instead, she said people should try to be a good witness until help arrives and that could mean capturing cellphone video from a safe distance.

"We can use that in criminal prosecutions, provide that to the courts. It can really put things in perspective in a way that a witness account without video can't, so we also understand the value of those videos," she said.

But she added for people to keep in mind that if you are shooting video of a tense situation, you never know when it may escalate so always stay safe.
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