Video shows knock-knock burglars hitting Sherman Oaks home

SHERMAN OAKS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Police are warning the public about knock-knock burglaries as they release new video of one such incident in Sherman Oaks.

The video shows two men knocking at the door of the home in the 14000 block of Davana Terrace on April 7. When no one answers, the walk into the backyard, smash the glass back door and ransack the home as the security alarms blare.

They made off with jewelry and other items, then fled with a third suspect in a white Audi Q7 sedan with black paper plates.

The same suspects are also believed to have been involved in a residential burglary in North Hollywood.

Faced with an increase in these types of burglaries, the Los Angeles Police Department is launching a new knock-knock task force.

They are also investigating whether burglars may have been responsible for the brutal stabbing death of a hairdresser and beauty company executive in Woodland Hills in January.

Police warn the public that if someone unfamiliar comes to the door, you should make yourself heard and ask what they want, but don't try to physically confront possible burglary suspects.
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