Lawsuit filed in alleged visa scheme that bilked millions from Chinese nationals

DIAMOND BAR, Calif. (KABC) -- A visa fraud scheme involving as many as 100 Chinese nationals led to a federal investigation and now a lawsuit by the alleged victims.

The scheme allegedly offered foreign nationals legal residency in the U.S. in exchange for large investments in U.S. businesses.

Attorney Jing Wang listed just a few of the charges in the civil lawsuit she filed on behalf of four victims in the suspected scam. Her clients went to the California Investment Immigration Fund to apply for the EB5 Visa Program.

The program said it would provide a green card for those who invested at least $500,000 in a U.S. business that creates American jobs.

In April, FBI and Homeland Security agents raided three locations in the San Gabriel Valley associated with the business. The FBI said Victoria Chan and her father exploited the program, getting more than 100 people to invest more than $50 million.

Wang said they used vacant lots to fool her clients about the progress.

"Show the victims that 'Oh, were are working on this and there would be a new project here and here and everywhere,'" she said.

The FBI said some investors knew it was illegal, even getting some of their money back. In fact, Eyewitness News was told three green card recipients were on China's 100 most wanted list. No arrests have been made.

Wang said her clients are victims of fraud and continue to be contacted. The focus of the lawsuit is to get back the clients' money and allow them to return to the U.S.

"The priority is to keep their status because most of them their status expires this year in November," Wang said.

Multiple calls and emails to contact information listed for Victoria Chan were unanswered.
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