Lawyers give closing arguments in Fox executive's murder case

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Lawyers gave closing arguments Wednesday in the trial of a man accused of killing a movie executive.

Prosecutor Bobby Grace argued defendant John Creech murdered 20th Century Fox movie exec Gavin Smith as an act of revenge. In earlier testimony, he said the defendant planned Smith's murder because of his affair with Chandrika Cade, Creech's estranged wife.

"He meant to do exactly what he came to that area to kill Gavin Smith, and he did it in the most personal, most brutal way," said Grace.

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Irene Nunez, Creech's attorney, said her client had no plan to hurt Smith and emphasized his earlier testimony. Creech claimed Smith threw the first punch and that the former film exec tried to gouge his eyes out.

Grace countered by mentioning Creech's history as a bodybuilder. He added that the defendant also used a phone app to locate his wife and creep up on the unaware couple.

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When Smith stopped breathing, Creech failed to notify police. He rented a storage locker to hide Smith's car and buried his body in a shallow grave at the Angeles National Forest.

"I take full accountability for everything after the fact. If I could change it, I would," said Creech when he took the stand on Tuesday.

The jury will come back Thursday for deliberations.
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