Malibu Creek's Rindge Dam closed to public for safety

MALIBU, Calif. (KABC) -- Daredevils love to jump off of it, vandals love to tag it, and hikers love to check it out. But as of Thursday, the Rindge Dam in Malibu is off-limits to the public.

The historic Rindge Dam in Malibu Creek State Park was built in the 1920s, but lately it's attracted people looking to show off dangerous jumps on YouTube.

California State Park Ranger Craig Sap says the dam closure comes after two years fraught with trail erosion, littering, graffiti human waste and a huge jump in jumping from the steep walls of the dam. It's a dangerous and sometimes deadly adventure. Two people were killed recently and others have been seriously hurt.

"We're seeing issues with public safety. We've had many rescues that have occurred over the last couple years," said Sap.

Rangers say there's only one way down to the dam, and it's not an easy one. It's down a treacherous hillside. High above at the top, rangers are already turning hikers away.

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