Houston man charged after hitting girlfriend's son 62 times in 5 minutes

HOUSTON -- A camera designed to catch illegal dumping instead captured footage of a man hitting his girlfriend's son 62 times in five minutes, Texas police said Friday.

The incident happened on Thursday at an unspecified spot in northwest Houston. The man is seen hitting the 7-year-old boy on the head, shoulders, torso, legs and buttocks dozens of times, knocking the child to the ground.

A Harris County deputy monitoring the cameras noticed the altercation around 5 p.m. Less than three hours later, deputies arrested 27-year-old Kordarell Williams in connection with the incident.

"This guy ravaged this kid. He was hit 62 times, we counted," said Constable Alan Rosen. "He was bent over the hood of a car and beat with a belt. It's just (an) extremely sad situation."

Williams was charged with causing injury to a child.

Following Williams' arrest, the boy was transported to a hospital for medical treatment. Child Protective Services said it did not have custody of the child.

"I'm proud and relieved that quick action by our deputies led to the arrest and to medical care for the child, and that justice will be done," Constable Alan Rosen said in a news release.

"As a law enforcement leader, a parent and a life-long member of this community, I'm deeply concerned and upset by such an incident," Rosen added.

The camera that caught the altercation is one of 25 placed strategically around Houston where illegal dumping is known to have taken place. Authorities have used footage from the cameras to charge dozens of suspected illegal dumpers.
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