Man sought for recording female students in bathrooms at UC Riverside

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KABC) -- A peeping Tom is making trips to the restroom uncomfortable and frightening for female students at UC Riverside.

University police put out an alert warning students about a man using his cellphone to peer under stalls and record his victims. So far, there have been three incidents near Olmstead Theater and the humanities building.

Some students wonder if the peeper is possibly a rude prankster.

"That's beyond a prank...that's something disgusting," Matt Miller said.

It's also against the law and a felony to record someone using the restroom without their knowledge. The release did not give much as far as a suspect description, but in all three cases it was a man carrying a Samsung or Microsoft cellphone with no case. He was also wearing black slip-on Lacoste shoes.

It's summer session at UCR, and the campus is far less crowded, but female students who are there are heeding the warning to partner up when going to the bathrooms.

University police are investigating and asking students to report any suspicious activity they see.
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