Nappify, mobile nap pod, comes to Orange County

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Nappify allows customers to take a 40-minute nap in a mobile sleeping pod.

A mobile nap pod called Nappify is helping the tired in Orange County catch a quick snooze.

The unit looks like a regular truck and trailer, but once customers step inside they can crawl into one of four nap pods.

Each nap pod is 4 feet by 4 feet by 7 feet, and includes a bed, pillow, side table, window and air conditioning.

Nappify founder Kevin Pham came up with the idea after studying other cultures. He said energy and productivity increases when people can nap.

"In Vietnam and Japan and all the European countries we have a culture of power-napping," Pham said.

His first stop was outside Santa Ana College in May to give students a break during final exams. The nap sessions last 40 minutes.

"By research, you shouldn't take more than 40 minutes to get the best benefit of a power nap, so that's why we structure each section to be 40 minutes," Pham explained.

Pham said pillow and mattress covers get changed after each use. There are rules, including no shoes, no food, and only one person per pod.

The pods are also sound-proof, according to Pham, however one customer said he did hear some people talking outside.

"It wasn't too loud, it was quite, quieter than my house," Luis Kings of Santa Ana said jokingly.

Student Jessica Salcedo said the nap pod was much nicer than sleeping in her car.

"It's relaxing, rather than being in the car, and it's cool, you're able to charge your phone," Salcedo explained.

The cost of each nap session costs about $13 for non-students and $7 for students.

Pham said the next stop for Nappify would be at California State University, Fullerton in September.
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