Orange County wolf-dog may be saved from euthanasia

SANTA ANA, Calif. (KABC) -- Karma, the wolf-dog hybrid in Orange County gaining support all over the country thanks to a rigorous social media campaign, may get a second chance at life.

After failing last week, Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer was able to convince the Board of Supervisors to vote 3-2 in favor of asking a judge to overturn an order to euthanize Karma.

"You have to convince me personally that there is more aggressive behavior before I'm going to end the life of a beautiful dog," said Spitzer.

The dog was impounded after its owners were arrested over a domestic dispute in May.

OC Animal Care then declared Karma vicious for allegedly killing at least one cat in 2012 and after DNA tests showed the dog is part wolf.

"They just want their dog to be happy," said Christine Garcia, attorney for Karma's owners. "They want their dog to be loved. They want their dog to have as good of a life as the dog could ever have."

The board vote came after a handful of supporters asked the supervisors to save the dog.

More than 340,000 people also signed an online petition to protest Karma's killing.

OC Animal Care Director Dr. Jennifer Hawkins released this statement about the decision to euthanize the animal:

"OC Animal Care staff took great care to weigh all the facts of the case and does not take lightly the euthanasia of any animal, wolf-hybrid or domestic. Ultimately, it was determined that euthanasia is necessary to ensure public safety."

"Everybody who works for the county understands that the five members of the Board of Supervisors, we make final decisions," said Spitzer.

If the judge reverses his ruling Wednesday, a humane shelter in North Carolina has agreed to take Karma into its care.
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