Parents protest building of gas station near Pomona school

POMONA, Calif. (KABC) -- Parents in Pomona are upset after the city's planning commission approved the building of a gas station on a corner that many children walk past on their way to school.

"We are concerned that this project is not only going to put our kids' health and our educators here at this school at risk, but also bring different traffic risk and really add something to the community that's not needed," one parent said.

They are concerned about the increased traffic it will bring at the corner of Philadelphia and Towne avenues.

"The children sometimes walk by themselves and it's very dangerous. (There were) 36 traffic collisions in five years at that corner," Dr. Roberta Perlman, with the Pomona Board of Education, said.

Parents haven't seen any traffic or environmental impact studies done, but Carolyn Hemming with the planning commission said the land has historically been used for gas stations since the 1940s. The last one went out of business in the 80s.

The commission's decision was appealed and will now go before the City Council. Parents who were out voicing their concerns on Monday hope more will join them on April 3 when the council meets.
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