Prosecution memo stresses Brock Turner had history of harassing women

STANFORD, Calif. -- The impact from the Stanford sexual assault case took a new turn Friday morning. A group said it has a million reasons why the judge should be removed from office.

It's unclear how much Brock Turner is hearing about the backlash to his sentencing last week. He's in the Santa Clara County Jail for at least the next three months.

Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky said he sentenced Turner to just six months for the sexual assault at Stanford because of his age and lack of criminal record.

But the prosecution's full sentencing memo, obtained by ABC affiliate station KGO-TV, stressed Turner had a history of harassing women and was similarly aggressive with another female at a fraternity party the week before.

The district attorney also said Turner lied to the judge about his drinking and partying. It's information Persky had before him when he handed down the sentence.

State Assembly member Nora Camps (D - San Jose) said it's an injustice and she's demanding action.

"That the judge step down or that we move forward, and calling on all women in this valley to align with us on asking for his resignation," she said.

Nearly one million people appeared to have joined the recall effort for Persky.

Advocacy groups, including Ultra Violet, said they've collected that many signatures and will deliver them to the commission on judicial performance in San Francisco Friday at 12 p.m.

Turner also faces another penalty for his crime. The Washington Post reported USA Swimming banned him for life from competing in their events.
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