Real-life Robin Hood rescues man from fire

ENCINO, Calif. (KABC) -- He's a modern-day Robin Hood. Taking from the rich and giving to the poor. But this Robin Hood, nicknamed Robin Hood 702, isn't stealing money. He's winning it in Las Vegas, and giving his money to those in need.

"My mission is to go around the world and help people," said Robin Hood, who didn't want to be identified.

On Thursday, Robin went from improving lives to saving them.

He was driving down Washington Street near Culver City, when he noticed thick black smoke coming from an apartment complex. That's when he traded in his green cap and tights for a red cape.

"Superman right. Robin Hood gives back to the poor, but he saved everybody's life here," said Douglas Cobb, who lives in the apartment below the fire.

Robin jumped out of his car and sprang into action.

"Looked like the roof was ready to catch fire, so I figured I had to act. So I jumped out and ran up the steps here and as I got towards a step I heard a guy screaming," Robin said.

A wooden rack on the ground, now charred and lying in pieces in the trash, was on fire at the top of the steps and quickly spread up the walls, blocking the escape of two apartments. Robin grabbed the shelf and threw it down the stairs, burning his hand in the process. He then proceeded to go door-to-door, warning residents and rounding up firefighting supplies.

"It could've been a lot worse for everybody," Robin said. "Thank goodness the people who live in this apartment complex rallied around."

All the while, the anonymous hero is proving you don't always need to give money to make a difference.

"Keeping the spotlight on the act and what I do is far greater than who I am, because I'm a nobody," Robin said. "I'm just a regular guy trying to do extraordinary things. I'm hoping that message gets out there and I'm hoping it inspires people.

For those whose homes and lives he saved, mission accomplished.

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