Redondo Beach senior housing complex shuts off water to residents

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A water crisis that has nothing to do with the drought is affecting many at a senior housing complex in Redondo Beach on Saturday. (KABC)

A water crisis that has nothing to do with the drought is affecting many at a senior housing complex in Redondo Beach on Saturday.

The hallways and ceilings are torn apart in a building at the Heritage Pointe Senior Apartments to replace leaking water pipes. Plastic covers are taped up but other areas are exposed.

Work began in Bobbi Burke's apartment two weeks ago. She's paying for a hotel room to avoid breathing in the dust and was told she won't be reimbursed.

The management has given face masks to some of the residents with respiratory problems, concerned about what's in the air from inside the walls.

Earlier in the week, residents were told their water will be shut off Mondays through Saturdays for nine hours for several weeks. They can use the club house and one unit to shower and use the restroom.

Residents contacted City Councilman Stephen Sammarco. He attended a meeting with the management to get answers.

"I was absolutely astonished at how irresponsible their response was. They talked about pipes being corroded. I asked about the safety of the water - they had no answer for that," he said.

Sammarco said the company doing the work doesn't even have the proper permits from the city. The situation has many of the 135 seniors who live there extremely upset.

"They caused a lot of aggravation, a lot of stress for people that are elder. You know, we've got people here - 70, 80, 90 years old," said Carol Wolf of Redondo Beach.

The building sits on land owned by the Redondo Beach School District. The owners have a long-term lease, and a spokesperson for the district said the plumbing problem has been handled inappropriately.

On Monday, residents will be notified of a new plan to provide housing and meals during construction.

The elderly who call these units home, as well as their family members, hope the management company follows through.

"When people have power and they have money, and they have people - many people can't even get out of their apartment, hardly - they take advantage of them and something needs to change," said Bruce Metcalfe, the son of one senior resident in the housing complex.

The school district said residents will be getting more information during Monday's meeting about a revised plan to provide them with a furnished apartment they can stay in while the work is underway.
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