Residents of Blue Cut Fire area left sleeping in tents, trailers

WEST CAJON VALLEY, Calif. (KABC) -- Flames from the Blue Cut Fire are out now, but problems are just beginning for many of the people who live in the communities destroyed by the flames.

The Blue Cut Fire ravaged 36,274 acres in the area of the Cajon Pass from Aug. 16-23 and destroyed 105 homes.

Some people in the West Cajon Valley lost everything. They are now sleeping in tents or setting up mattresses in abandoned trailers where their homes used to be.

"With three kids it's very hard, very hard," said Ashley O'Connor, who is now sleeping in a camping tent.

Many don't have running water or electricity, cars or even their identification documents.

Jack Riddle lost his mobile home in the fire. For shelter he now uses an abandoned delivery truck. Inside he has set up a mattress, chair and the few personal items he didn't lose in the fire.

"I don't have ID, or Social Security card - nothing," Riddle said.

SoCal Edison crews are busy throughout the West Cajon Valley trying to restore power to those who still have homes. The company says 25 customers are still without power.

Even people who were living off the grid are having a difficult time after their generators and solar panels were melted.

"The fire's not going to be over for us for a long time," said one woman.
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