San Bernardino community reacts to Brussels attack with memorial for local victims

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (KABC) -- People affected by last year's San Bernardino terror shootings spoke out about Tuesday's attacks in Belgium and held a memorial for the locals victims.

Michael Christina Wilson was one of several people to stop by and pay their respects to the 14 people who were gunned down on Dec. 2.

San Bernardino and Brussels may be thousands of miles apart - but they now share something very much in common.

"We thought we were exempt. We're not. It's everywhere, so it's scary, it's very scary," Wilson said.

Brandon Bowman said he's the nephew of one of the shooting victims in San Bernardino and said he was horrified by the events in Brussels.

"It's just crazy how this becomes an everyday thing, you know? Every day more people are dying from bombs or guns," Bowman said.

And after the deadly explosions in Brussels, many are once again talking about ways to better protect ourselves.

"As much as the United States welcomes everybody, we need to close some doors," Wilson said.

San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon gave Eyewitness News this statement: "The continued attacks on the innocent people of civilized countries, and law enforcement, reinforces the need to never let our guard down. Remain vigilant and always remember, if you see something, say something."
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