San Diego shooting victim recalled as kind mother of 3

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KABC) -- Monique Clark, the woman killed in a shooting rampage at a poolside birthday party in San Diego was a mother of three girls.

Friends say the 35-year-old was a good person who helped the homeless and volunteered often at food drives.

"Monique didn't deserve this," said friend Drew Phillips, who was also at the party. "You're at a pool party hanging out with friends, and you get killed. You don't go home to your babies."

Police say Peter Selis, 49, opened fire on a pool party at the apartment complex, killing Clark and wounding six other people. They say he was angry over a breakup and called his ex-girlfriend so she could hear him shooting strangers.

Officers killed Selis in a shootout and the six other victims are expected to survive.

"It was a terrible experience that we went through, but I'm glad that I'm alright, I'm glad that most of my friends are alright," said shooting survivor Thomas Blea.
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