SoCal couple greeted in Oregon by anti-California graffiti

PORTLAND, Ore. (KABC) -- A Southern California couple who recently moved to Portland, Oregon received a not-so-neighborly welcome.

Preston Page and his fiance woke up to find anti-California graffiti painted on their home and car.

One message read "get out of Portland," and another, "move back."

"Other than this little instance, the city is great and the community is great, so it's just unfortunate when you have people who are frustrated that this is how they express it," Page said.

Neighbors said they're appalled, but the anti-California sentiment is nothing new as Oregonians blame California transplants for many problems, including rising rent and housing prices.

Page said he had a hunch about who might have done it. The day before, he got into an argument with a man he said was racing down his street. Page said the man told him to go back to California.
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