SoCal Hiroshima survivors recall horrors as Obama makes historic visit

LITTLE TOKYO, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- President Obama made a historic visit Friday to Hiroshima, Japan, the site of the world's first nuclear attack. The bomb dropped during World War II killed some 140,000 people.

Obama did not apologize for the bombing, but used his visit to help promote world peace.

"The scientific revolution that led to the splitting of an atom requires a moral revolution as well," Obama said. "That is why we come to this place."

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Hundreds of survivors of Hiroshima live in Southern California now.

Some of them told their story recently in Little Tokyo, recalling the horrors of Aug. 6, 1945.

"The entire city of Hiroshima was burning from one end to the other," recalled Junji Sarashina, 87. "Covered with smoke, heavy rain. Black rain."

Junji said Obama's visit gives him hope that perhaps the president will learn about the thousands of children who died in the blast, and see to it that it never happens again.
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