Stockton girl dragged by gym teacher into pool speaks out

STOCKTON, Calif. (KABC) -- The 14-year-old Stockton girl who was caught on video being dragged into a school swimming pool by a gym teacher said she agreed to swim, but left the pool to avoid getting her hair wet.

The incident, which drew national attention last week, took place in August. High school freshman Sandra Garcia said she had gotten her hair done for an event that evening and didn't want to ruin it by getting it wet.

"He starts to bring me down and I had sat myself on the stairs thinking that he would stop, but he grabbed me by my ankles and started to pull me down," Garcia said. "I was just telling him like stop. Leave me alone. You can't be touching me."

Garcia took photos of her bruises from the struggle. Her attorney is expected to file a claim against the district.

District officials declined to comment because the alleged incident involved a minor.

The teacher, Danny Paterson, faces a misdemeanor injury to a child charge and was placed on paid leave. He could lose his job if convicted.

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