Suge Knight hospitalized again after court appearance

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Suge Knight, co-founder of Death Row Records, was hospitalized again after appearing in court Monday.

In this court case, Knight is charged with robbery after a photographer reported that Knight and comedian Katt Williams stole her camera in September. Both Knight and Williams pleaded not guilty to the robbery.

During his court hearing, the rap mogul would not remain silent when admonished by the judge.

"I don't have no strikes, I don't have no strikes, and Prop 47 says the same thing," Knight said.

His rant began earlier before cameras were permitted to roll in the courtroom.

"I lost 35 pounds," he said. "I am 100 percent blind in one eye. Now I have 15 percent [vision] in my good eye.

"Some months ago I was shot six times. I have a blood clot in my lungs. I can't comprehend what is going on at some points. At this time I don't know if I can proceed," Knight continued.

Similar to other court appearances within the last month, Knight's health complaints brought paramedics. Before the day was over, Knight was once again transported to the jail infirmary.

He has had so many emergency calls, court officials and the sheriff's department agreed Monday to move Knight's two pending felony cases to the downtown courthouse. Those two pending cases are for an assault and theft in Beverly Hills and the Compton homicide.

He is currently being held without bail in connection to a fatal hit-and-run in Compton on Jan. 29 that took the life of Terry Carter. Knight faces a murder charge and an attempted murder charge in the case. Knight said he was being attacked and tried to escape.

He has served time for two previous convictions. A guilty verdict in either of the pending cases could send the 49-year-old to prison for life.

But these aren't the only problems Knight has. He told the court that he fired his longtime lawyer David Kenner.

Kenner said he still represents Knight and will be present for an upcoming bail hearing. Knight is expected back in court on March 9.

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