Suspected serial killer spent time in Anaheim, more victims feared

ANAHEIM, Calif. (KABC) -- Police are asking for the public's help identifying more possible victims of a now-deceased suspected serial killer who spent time in Anaheim, passing himself off as a loving, single father.

The man, who was known as Bob Evans, died in a California prison in 2010. Under a different name, he was convicted in the state of the 2002 killing of his wife, Eunsoon Jun, who was found dead in their basement in Contra Costa County.

Last month, authorities linked Evans to the more-than-30-year-cold case involving the murder of one woman and three young girls in Allenstown, New Hampshire.

Their bodies were found in metal drums in the forest. DNA testing showed that one of the girls was Evans' daughter.

The case of the four bodies found in drums has long stymied investigators.

In 1985, a hunter discovered the first two bodies - the woman and a girl believed to be 9 or 10. In 2000, an investigator found the other two girls - one believed to be 2 or 3 and the other 3 or 4. They believe the woman is likely the mother of the eldest and youngest girls.

The time of their killings was narrowed to 1980 to 1984.

Evans was also linked to the disappearance of Denise Beaudin and her infant daughter in 1981.

Evans, known under several aliases including Curtis Kimball, resurfaced in Anaheim with the little girl he called "Lisa," but Denise was never found.

San Bernardino sheriff's deputies broke the case when they tested the DNA of Beaudin's grown daughter, Lisa, who now lives in California.

Police have still not found Denise Beaudin's body, nor identified the other bodies found in Allenstown. They believe there may be more victims where this man spent time, including Anaheim.

"He'd have an infant or a young child with him, he'd pass himself as a single father, a loving father who needed help. He'd then endear himself to another female, usually a single mother themselves, start a relationship. Ultimately, he would then molest the children, ultimately murder the children, and the adult," said Sgt. Daron Wyatt with Anaheim police.

Investigators in San Luis Obispo, Contra Costa and San Bernardino counties all believe there may be more victims in their areas.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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