Tesla splits in 2 after chase, fiery crash in West Hollywood

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- A pursuit suspect is in critical condition after being ejected from a stolen Tesla in West Hollywood on Friday, police said.

One other person remains in critical condition, and several other people were injured. La Brea Avenue was shut down at Lexington Avenue.

The chase began around 2 a.m. The Tesla was stolen from a dealership lot in Playa Vista, investigators said. Officers pursued the vehicle until a cruiser was involved in a minor crash. The officer had minor injuries.

The Tesla continued for 7 miles into West Hollywood. Police said the driver was traveling in excess of 100 mph down La Brea Avenue when it hit other vehicles, including a Honda with several people inside. The Tesla became airborne, took out several light poles and split in two.

Part of the Tesla remains wedged between two buildings. The other half landed in the street. Witnesses said the Tesla's batteries burst into flames and began sparking like fireworks.

"I've never seen a half of a car wedged between a building before, and it's sad. Innocent victims were involved in this," said Lt. Mike White with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

The sheriff's department is handling the investigation.

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