Grand jury transcripts: Bell Gardens mayor involved in multiple affairs, physically abusive

BELL GARDENS, Calif. (KABC) -- About 1,400 pages of newly released grand jury transcripts contain allegations that Bell Gardens Mayor Daniel Crespo had multiple affairs and physically abused his family for years.

In late April, Lyvette Crespo, 43, was indicted for voluntary manslaughter in her husband's shooting death. Her attorney has maintained all along that she was a battered woman who acted in defense of herself and her son.

At one point, their son testified, "We were driving right after church, and I remember my dad was driving, my mom was in the passenger seat, and I remember he punched her in the face," Daniel Crespo, Jr. said.

The 19-year-old added that right before the shooting in September 2014, his father punched him in the face. Lyvette Crespo is accused of shooting her husband shortly after three times in the chest at their home.

The grand jury transcripts also reveal that the day before Daniel Crespo's death, he and one of his mistresses celebrated her birthday at Catalina Island. It also alleges that he had a commitment ceremony in Las Vegas, where he and a mistress exchanged rings.

One woman testified that they would have sex every day of the week at a house where they often sang karaoke together.

Prosecutors say there is evidence Lyvette Crespo was extremely angry at her husband over his affairs with multiple women, pointing to a recording where she threatened to shoot him if he cheated.

Attorney James Devitt, who represents Crespo's brother and mother in a $53 million civil suit against Crespo's wife, said Lyvette Crespo premeditated her husband's murder.

"I do feel terrible for battered wives everywhere, but their remedy is not to kill their husbands or boyfriends," Devitt said.

"The DA should have filed premeditated, first-degree murder charges. Instead, they gave it to the grand jury. Hopefully, they will max her out. She's looking at 21 years," Devitt added.

Lyvette Crespo was scheduled to be back in court on May 29.
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