VFW post in Rancho Cucamonga ransacked during renovations

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. (KABC) -- A project to renovate the Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Rancho Cucamonga hit a snag after tools and supplies were stolen last Thursday evening.

The project was being helped by the Home Depot, who donated money, supplies and labor to renovate the 30-year-old building used by Rancho Cucamonga VFW Post 8680.

Volunteers were about to lay the tile floor in the cantina when the break-in happened.

"We don't have much and we are scrapping to put things together," retired Marine Staff Sgt. Mike Peters said. "Then somebody comes in and steals. That's not right."

It's believed the thief or thieves gained entry to the post through a hole after an air conditioner was removed. The hole has since been boarded up.

"Someone came in and took all of Home Depot's tools that they had left here, the ceiling fans, and the equipment we were using for the renovations," Women's Auxiliary Volunteer Amie Cobral said.

"They knew where our stuff was. We set it in the same spot every day before we left so they knew where it was at," Home Depot Volunteer Veronica Martinez said.

Home Depot said it will replace some of the stolen items, and the veterans are borrowing equipment to finish the tile work.

If you'd like to donate tools, supplies or labor, the number for Rancho Cucamonga VFW Post 8680 is (909) 980-5220.
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