VIDEO: 2-year-old boy rescues twin brother from fallen dresser

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Video shows a dresser falling on two toddlers, trapping one before his twin is able to free him. Warning: Some viewers may find the video difficult to watch. (Kayli Shoff)

Frightening video shows a dresser falling on two children, trapping one of them while his twin pushes the dresser to free his brother. Warning: Some viewers may find the video difficult to watch.

The boys were uninjured, but the video taken last week shows the two climbing the furniture, until it falls down.

The unsecured dresser gave in to their combined weight and trapped one brother under it.

The other brother tries to help, but the dresser is too heavy.

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Seconds later, he finally finds the strength to push the dresser off his brother -- freeing him.

He is seen crying but appears to be OK.

"Bowdy just came around and, again, assessed the situation, thinking 'I need to help my twin brother. What do I do here?' So, he sat there and thought. Tried to lift it at first. Obviously, that didn't work. So he just pushed with all of his might, and it just pushed it right off of his brother," said Kayli Shoff, the boy's mother. "I really believe in the twin bond. You always hear that. And I really think these two have it."

Shoff shared the video on social media as a warning to others to secure their dressers to avoid the danger.

WABC-TV contributed to this report.

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