VIDEO: Angry customer assaults employee, steals phone in Brea, police say

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Police said a man was caught on camera assaulting a store employee at Brea and stealing a phone.

A man who police said was caught on camera assaulting a store employee at Brea has been arrested.

Authorities said 54-year-old Daniel Joseph was taken into custody outside his in the 500 block of South Euclid in La Habra on Tuesday.

A $50,000 arrest warrant was issued last week after police said Joseph was caught on security video at the repair store on July 18.

Officials said Joseph was heard on video yelling at store employee Levi Barela.

"I need a (expletive) phone," Joseph yelled at Barela, according to police.

"There is nothing I can do until tomorrow," Barela calmly replied.

Barela said the suspect was mad about having to wait for a new part to repair his smartphone.

"I don't think you understand..I'm not (expletive) leaving..nobody's going home tonight," Joseph is heard saying on video, according to police. "Don't think you (expletive) get it."

After several minutes, police said the verbal fight turned violent. Joseph was seen slamming Barela into a work station as Barela's head snaps over the top of the table divider, according to police.

Authorities said Barela then grabbed pepper spray and was seen chasing Joseph out of the store.

Joseph stole Barela's phone, according to police, and Barela said he tracked it to Joseph's La Habra home where police eventually arrested the suspect.

"I was ecstatic because this guy absolutely deserved the justice that was coming to him," Barela said after learning of the arrest.

Officials also said they found 100 marijuana plants inside Joseph's garage.

Joseph faces several charges including robbery, possessing marijuana with the intent to sell, and having a gun that could be accessible to his child.

"To find out he had extra charges, non related to my situation, I'm glad karma..that he got what was coming to him," Barela said.

Barela was still recovering from the attack, and he said an MRI showed brain swelling.

Barela said he hoped Joseph would have to pay his medical bills, which so far have added up to a few thousand dollars.

He also hoped to recover his smartphone, valued at $700.

Brea police said a phone was found at Joseph's home, but it's not yet clear if it belongs to Joseph or Barela. Police stated they planned to show it to Barela to see if it's his.
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