VIDEO: Police pepper spray 84-year-old woman in Oklahoma

MUSKOGEE, Okla. (KABC) -- Questions were being raised over the use of pepper spray by police on an 84-year-old woman in Oklahoma.

The incident, which happened on Aug. 7, was all captured on a police body camera.

Authorities said they were searching for the woman's son, who was accused of running a stop sign then refusing to stop.

Officers followed the man back to his home and asked him to come out, but when he refused, they kicked the door in.

After he ignored repeated commands to cooperate, he was tasered. A short time later, his mother, Geneva Smith, was pepper sprayed.

Smith said she was taken to jail after the incident and suffered a panic attack. She planned to take legal action against the police department.

The police department said the incident was under investigation.
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