Video captures angry exchange between drivers in Bloomington road rage incident

BLOOMINGTON, Calif. (KABC) -- A disturbing exchange between two drivers was caught on camera in Bloomington.

A woman said she was pulling over to let a fire truck pass when she pulled back into traffic to stop another driver from passing and it led to a non-stop verbal tirade.

Margaret said when she pulled in front of the male driver, he went crazy. She said at first she was surprised, but then got mad.

In the video, the man begins screaming expletives and obscenities, then Margaret begins arguing back and films the exchange.

She said she then followed the man so she could capture his license plate number to give it to police.

"I want him caught. I want to see him in court. I want to testify. I want him punished," she said.

She filed a report with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office. She hopes her video will help deputies track down the man she said is too dangerous to be on the road.
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