South Carolina woman bites off teen's tongue to escape rape attempt

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. -- A 16-year-old teen will face charges as an adult after police say he attempted to sexually assault a woman in her apartment. The victim escaped by biting off the teen's tongue.

According to WCBD-TV, the 33-year-old victim heard a knock at her door, but there wasn't anyone there. Minutes later, someone rang her doorbell. When she walked outside, the teen held a 13-inch serrated knife against her chest.

The police report says the teen, identified as Antoine Miller, then forced himself inside the apartment and locked the door. He then tackled the victim to the ground and began beating her in the face.

The victim says Miller then threw her over his shoulder, took her to a bedroom and attempted to rape her. She then "bit his tongue as hard as she could until she heard it snap."

The victim says she was then able to escape and call 911.

Miller also ran off, but police later arrested him after the teen's mother also dialed 911 to report that her son was missing his tongue and needed medical attention.

Miller now faces multiple charges. A judge denied him bond and says he will be tried as an adult.
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