Woman sprays Mace in man's face at Chinese Theatre screening

HOLLYWOOD (KABC) -- A woman allegedly sprayed Mace on a man at an American Film Institute screening at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood Monday night.

Witnesses told Eyewitness News they heard a man and a woman arguing in the back of the crowded theater minutes after the film began.

The argument was about turning off a cellphone.

"They were saying, 'Just turn off your cell phone,' and 'I don't have to,' and just kind of arguing about rights over if your cellphone should be on or not," eyewitness Laurel Barham said.

The woman claimed the man hit her, and announced she was going to Mace the man, according to witnesses.

"This woman stood up and said, 'You hit me,' and the guy said, 'I did not'. She said, 'Yes, you did, you smacked me'. Then people started yelling, 'Stand down, stop it'. She's yelling at him and he's yelling at her and she said, 'You hit me and I'm going to Mace you now,'" eyewitness Lisa Gold said.

The woman was escorted out of the theater after pepper-spraying the man in the face, according to a spokeswoman for AFI.

The spokeswoman said she was informed that the man who was Maced was "fine."

The LAPD said no calls for service were received from the theater.

"Mr. Turner" was scheduled to be screened at 3 p.m. at the theater. The TCL Theatre is located at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard.

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