With Biden, Harris campaigning for Newsom, Elder says Democrats 'know they're in trouble'

Gov. Gavin Newsom's campaign has pushed the national impact of the Sept. 14 recall election, calling in help from Washington D.C.

Now the White House is officially coming to California.

Vice President Kamala Harris will campaign with Newsom in the Bay Area on Wednesday and President Joe Biden will come to California early next week. Republican Larry Elder, who is leading in the polls says, he's not worried about more big-name Democrats backing Newsom.

"They know they're in trouble," Elder said. "They know Gavin Newsom can't defend his record on crime. They know they can't defend his record on how he ignored science and opposed all sorts of mandates. They know he's unpopular They are deftly afraid Larry Elder is going to break the stranglehold Democrats have had over Blacks and browns for decades."

In South El Monte on Tuesday, Elder campaigned on jobs and the economy, attacking Newsom for shutting down California and hurting businesses during the pandemic. But a recent poll showed COVID-19 is the most important issue to voters, and Newsom believes Elder would take the state backwards on addressing the pandemic.

VP Kamala Harris to campaign for Gov. Newsom in Calif. recall election
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Vice President Kamala Harris will come to the Bay Area today to lend support to Governor Gavin Newsom in his recall battle.

"Californians have gone through so much over the past year and half," says a new campaign ad, which is narrated by Newsom. "But you came together, you masked up, socially distanced, got vaccinated. Now, I'm asking you to stand up as Californians one more time."

The governor campaigned in northern California on Tuesday, stopping by a phone bank and urging the Latino community to vote no.

"I'm very confident that when all is said and done, people will understand what's on the other side of this recall," said Newsom. "You have people who have used the bully pulpit to disparage and diminish the Latino community consistently. Look what trump did the last four years. Folks on the other side of this supported trump. They support Trumpism and all its manifestations."
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