Actor Nic Novicki leads charge in Hollywood to focus on issues regarding representation of people with disabilities

GLENDALE (KABC) -- A special guest recently checked in with the cast and crew of ABC's "The Good Doctor". Actor Nic Novicki is changing the way Hollywood views people with disabilities

"I think 'The Good Doctor, in general, is really respected among the disability community," said Novicki. "You know, they feature so many guest stars with disabilities. Also, the writing room has individuals with disabilities. David Renaud, who's a wheelchair user, actually wrote the episode that I'm in. And so when you have somebody with a disability writing for somebody else with a disability, you're getting a whole new really authentic lens to tell this story."

Novicki has been leading the charge to encourage Hollywood to better focus on issues regarding representation of people with disabilities. He created the 'Easterseals Disability Film Challenge' seven years ago. It's a 55-hour filmmaking contest for people with and without disabilities to team up and create content, win prizes, plus get production grants and mentorships to help advance their careers.

"I'm really passionate, with the support of Easterseals, to really change the way the world views disabilities," said Novicki. "And so I'm out there speaking all the time and really trying to shine the light on some of our talented film challenge participants. This is about people with disabilities taking their career in their own hands."

The '2020 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge' will be held April 3rd- 5th. You can find more information at
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