11-year-old NC boy who died tragically will donate organs, already saving 7 other children

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Saturday, November 9, 2019
NC 11-year-old will donate organs, save lives
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The father of the boy who was hit and killed at a 'trunk or treat' event will donate his organs and hopefully save lives.

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- A North Carolina boy who died may still have an impact, potentially a life-saving one, on other children.

The pain for Noah Chambers' family still lingers just days after his death. However, they're proud that Noah will be able to help other kids through the organs he'll donate.

Noah Chambers' father, Robert, says the choice to donate Noah's organs was easy.

"When they were talking about being a donor, me and his mother didn't hesitate. I would not want any parent to go through this. It is the worst pain."

Chambers, 11, was fatally hit by an SUV while crossing the street at a 'trunk-or-treat' event at Bethel United Methodist Church in Oak Ridge. He went on life support at the hospital and passed away Sunday.

"Noah's personality was just amazing," said his father. "He'd make you laugh. He'd make you just cry. How could a boy be so beautiful, inside and out."

The family will get to meet the children whom Noah helps, the ultimate way to honor his legacy. His father said Noah's organs have already gone to seven children.

"To know that I can look at them and tell that I love them, they might know me, but there was a child that loved them unconditionally," Robert said.

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