2 Redding flight school employees arrested on suspicion of threatening to deport Chinese student

REDDING, Calif. (KABC) -- Two managers in Redding threatened to deport a Chinese flight school student who was in the U.S. legally and there are audio recordings of the threats.

"You're in my f-ing custody right now. Do you know what that means? I will forcibly remove your ass from here," a recording of a man said.

The threat was unmistakable in the audio clip. A man, who the Record Searchlight Newspaper identified as Jonathan McConkey, is a manager at Iasco Flight Training School. He was recorded threatening a Chinese student with deportation inside the student's apartment.

A woman in that recording was identified as Kelsi Hoser, an English and Mandarin speaker as well as the flight school's director of administration.

Redding police said they do not know what motivated Hoser and McConkey. The student reportedly had a yearlong visa that was still valid.

Iasco Flight Training School caters to Chinese students and is owned by a Chinese company, Jiutian International Flight Academy.

On its promotional video on Facebook, it projects a happy atmosphere for students.

Redding police arrested the two employees, who now face conspiracy and kidnapping charges. They are out on bond.
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