SOCAL JOBS: Northgate Market hiring 150 employees

Northgate González Market is a leading Latino grocery company looking for 150 associates to hire throughout their stores in Southern California.
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The economy has taken a deep hit with so many people out of work, but we're dedicated to helping people get back on their feet - through our ABC7 Solutions: SoCal Jobs campaign.

Grocery companies and supermarkets are among the places posting the most active job listings.

Joshua Gonzalez with Northgate Market joined ABC7 via Skype to talk about the grocery industry.

What is the greatest need in terms of job openings at the stores right now?
"Our greatest need is for cashiers and to help stock our shelves. We currently have 150 positions available."

Why should someone come to work for Northgate?
"It's a sense of familia. We want to make sure that the associates that work in our business have a career development and can ensure that they have a great quality of life."

Are these union jobs? Are the United Food and Commercial Workers representing your employees?
"No, we feel that we can provide a very competitive pay and a great quality of life for our associates. And really they're our full commitment towards them."

You're looking for 150 people now to fill these positions. What kind of skills are required?
"You don't need any prior skills. What we need is a great attitude and love to serve our customers. The development opportunities and training are available in-house."

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