VIDEO: Suspect shoots at 7-Eleven clerk with pellet gun

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. (KABC) -- Authorities are searching for a suspect who was caught on camera shooting at a Northridge 7-Eleven clerk with a pellet gun.

The incident happened just after 4 a.m. Thursday at the business in the 8200 block of White Oak Avenue at Roscoe Boulevard.

The store manager said the suspect tried to buy cigarettes but didn't have any money. He tried to grab the pack from the clerk, but he pulled away. That's when the suspect took out the pellet gun and shot at the clerk several times and missed.

As he ran out of the store, the suspect shot the glass entrance.

Los Angeles Police Department West Valley detectives collected evidence at the scene, including surveillance video that clearly shows the suspect.

The same detectives were at a nearby house on Stagg Street. Ann Gonzales, who lives at the house, said a man tried to break earlier in the day as well.

She said a person broke the screen on one of her windows but didn't get inside.

"I ran and then screamed like, 'Hey, what are you doing?' And then I just ran and then hide, and then my husband called 911," Gonzales said.

By the time police arrived at Gonzales' home, the person who tried to break in was gone.

Those who work at the 7-Eleven hope someone recognizes the man in the surveillance video and calls the LAPD.
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